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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

iPhone 4 Death grip solution revealed

I myself have experienced death grip...!!
For the people who don't know what is death grip???
Death grip is a way of holding your iPhone that will reduce your network signal level of your sim card...!!! This is only in IPhone 4....!!!!

How to death grip your iPhone 4?
If you want to death grip your iPhone follow my steps correctly...:
Step 1:Use the 4 fingers(excluding thumb) of your right hand to hold your Iphone..!!! Like the picture given below:

Step 2: You can see your network signal going down...!!!!

That's it...!!!

Coming to the solution for death grip...!!!

There are bumpers that will protect as well as helps you get rid of death grip...!!!
There are also stylish stickers that will add style to your iPhone as well as stops the network from going down when held your hand on the iPhone...!!!

You can buy those from these links given below:

IPhone bumpers and covers


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