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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Change the background image on google home page

No matter how options i have, i always use as my default homepage. Reason is that it gives me a fresh start feeling everyday and cool google doodles is a added plus. And I’m sure hundreds of millions use the same homepage. But only a few use its new optional feature to add a background wallpaper.

> Go to and click on Change Background Image at the bottom of the page.

> If you’re not logged into your google account, It’ll prompt you to do that. After you login google gives you an option to set a background from public picasa albums or you can chose it from your picasa album

You can upload you own pic on picasa, like a quote wallpaper or something to read your fav quote on your homepage daily. You also find an option to switch back to normal google. Also read Trick to Access Google Without Internet


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