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Monday, 15 October 2012

How to find the Profile ID of any User or page on Facebook

Sometimes it is necessary to know the Profile ID on facebook......Some apps on Facebook works only with the Profile ID of the Page or the user.......
So I figured out a way which will show you the Profile ID of any user or a page on Facebook....

Follow the guidelines given below to perform this task:

Step 1:

Logon to your Facebook account

Now Facebook has created something called usernames, this creation has made it difficult to find the Profile ID...


Here surajdm123 is the username
Now we need to find the Profile ID of this username

Step 2:

Paste the following on the address bar of your browser

Step 3:

Replace the green coloured wordings to the username you want to find...

Now we want the Profile ID of surajdm123
So type......

User ID of the user on facebook
User ID of the user

And that's it.......!!!!

Please comment after trying........!!!!


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