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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

21 Facbook tricks and pranks you haven't heard off

Hello guys,You all know that Facebook is the social website where billions of people access.....I am here with Facebook Tricks and Pranks you haven't heard off....!!!
I have a lot of tricks and pranks on Facebook and they are given below....:

1) Post status updates in blue on Facebook

This is a extraordinary Trick and will amaze your friends....Do you ever think it is possible?Click on read more to know more about this topic...

2)Use circles like Google Plus on Facebook

Hello friends,You guys will be happy to know a amazing Facebook trick...All of you shall know the most popular Circles on Google plus....

Now I am to going teach you how to add circles on Facebook....
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3)Change via on Facebook as what ever you want.!!

Have you noticed that when you update your Facebook status from a mobile, Facebook adds a "Posted via Mobile" link at the bottom of it? You can change that to say hilarious things like "via Carrier Pigeon" or "via My Bedroom.
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4) Know who unfriended you on Facebook

This thing striked in my mind when my friend on Facebook unfriended me.......!!!
Now I will show you how to know who unfriended you on Facebook
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5)Use Facebook, Twitter, MSN ,Digg ,Stumble upon, Gmail, Yahoo in a single site

Do you want to know how to use all these in a single site .....!!!!!
In this post I will show you how to do so..........

This is very easy...!!!
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6)Add a deslike option on Facebook

"Like" buttons are everywhere on Facebook, and they're everywhere on the web. But what if you want to update your status or share something that your friends can "dislike?" We know, your friends can choose to "comment" on your post, but where's the fun in that?

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7)Know weather your Facebook account is hacked or not.Prevent others from hacking.

There's now more you can do to protect your Facebook profile. A recent post over at Facebook's blog explains a new security function that'll point out when your Facebook account has been hacked and being accessed from an unfamiliar computer. It will then email you, explaining the computer your account was logged in from. This is a great way to ensure only you and you alone are logging into your Facebook account, so check it out.
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8)Know your stats of your Status updates on Facebook.

The app analyzes your updates and gives you a tidy list of how many you've written, the average word count and how many times a day you post. In addition, it generates a graph that shows you what time of day or what days of the week you normally update.

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9)Create fake news feed or conversations on Facebook

A app names fakeconvos will let you create fake status updates or conservations...You can create conversations which will amaze your friends who sees them....So get started
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10)Post empty status updates on Facebook

Yes, you have heard it right..It is an awesome trick and your friends still get amazed to watch something like this...If you want to amaze your friends by posting a blank news feed... Follow my simple easy steps to do so...
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11)Recover or retrieve your Facebook chat history

How To Recover Facebook Chat History ?
Facebook Chat History Manager will easily be able to Recover Facebook Chat History whenever we want. Its a Firefox add-on but remember this will only start to save chat sessions after its installation. It won't be able to recover previous chat History.
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12)Post colourful alphabets on your Facebook chat box~Facebook emoticon text generator

This is an awesome trick..And is very easy to do so...!!Just Type the text you want in colourful alphabets and copy the code from the column saying copy this and paste that in your Facebook chat box
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13)Tease your friend by posting a link o his/her Facebook wall

Yes, It is easy as you can ever think...and trust me it is not that abusive which will make them cry or something.... But it is still a nice one
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14)Insert pictures on your Facebook char box

Just click on the link below you will see a number of chat meme codes...Just copy and paste them on your chat box which is on Facebook
Chat meme codes

15)Keyboard shortcuts which will make your work easy on Facebook

If you spend a lot of time on facebook then why not spend it more efficiently.There are a lot of browser specific keyboard shortcuts for facebook.You can create new messages,view account settings,View notifications etc .Once you get familiar with these shortcuts you can easily navigate on facebook.In this post I will give the shortcut keys for Google Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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16)Schedule Facebook status updates

While Social Chomp, Sensible and Hoot Suite offer the same kind of service, the simplest way to schedule Face book status updates is by using the easy, free Later Bro service.

Just sign in with Face book Connect, select your time zone, type in what it is you'd like to say, set the calendar and clock to when you'd like to say it, and presto!
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17)New smileys/symbols for Facebook chat

There are a lot of new smileys on Facebook and is waiting to be used by the Facebook users...
The codes for these new are given below:
[[171108522930776]] Troll Face
[[164413893600463]] MEGUSTA
[[218595638164996]] YAO
[[189637151067601]] Lol
[[129627277060203]] Poker face.
[[227644903931785]] Forever ALONE...

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18)Post blank status updates on Facebook

This is a amazing trick and I hope to be useful...This will amaze your friends....!!!
Follow my guidelines to post a empty status update:
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19)Facebook magic number trick

These days magic number trick is becoming a rage on facebook.Anything related to facebook (however small it may be) is sure to create a buzz among people.These magic numbers are nothing but the unique ID numbers of the Users, Pages or Groups. When you will paste these numbers in your satus they automatically will get converted into your profile,group or page link.
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20)Send a blank message on Facebook

Send blank messages on facebook chat box
Wanna prank your friends with this TOTALLY AWESOME trick
Just type the following code on your chat box:...
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21)Send images on Facebook chat box

Now when you load a page or someone's profile you can see a link at the top which will be something like this
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There are still a lot of tricks regarding Facebook.You can have a look of them by clicking on the link below:
Facebook tricks

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There are still a lot more tricks on Facebook

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