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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Create circle like Google Plus on Facebook~Facebook Trick

Hello friends,You guys will be happy to know a amazing Facebook trick...All of you shall know the most popular Circles on Google plus....

Now I am to going teach you how to add circles on Facebook....

You can do so of you follow my steps correctly:
Step 1:Login to your Facebook account by click the link below....

Step 2:Click the link below :
Circle hack (Open it in a new tab)

Step 3 :It will ask you to login again...

Step 4:Click on grant Permissions after you finish logging in

Step 5:Now you can see a option saying add circles to Facebook

Click that and that's it you can now create circles using Facebook friends which is an extremely amazing trick

If you have any doubts,queries or if you didn't understand how to do so..... Please feel free to comment


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