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Monday, 13 August 2012

8 simple steps to make your blog fly with views

Getting a lot of views is what all the people who own blog's or website wants.I will tell you how your blog or website can fly with views by just using 8 simple steps
If you own a website or a blog(You can get one from and want it to be popular you should follow my Guidelines which are listed below

Step 1:Choosing a topic that will attract people

Spend some time on the net researching on a topic you like.Choose some 3-4 topics which are related to each other something like Games,Cheats and Trainers. Stick on that  and don't get off the topic...

Step 2: Naming your Blog or your Website

Now what you should is to think off is all about a catchy name which will attract people to visit your page.
Name your title to be something related to the topic you choose.

Step 3:Designing your blog

You should choose some good designs for your blog or your website. It should be attractive,decorative and mesmorising...!!!It should also be something which will be easy to all the viewers to have a look at. It should be arranged according to their topic like the drop-down menu.
If you are bot good at CSS or HTML you can download templates from websites that will offer you to do soo..
Some of them are,
If you understood the third step you can proceed to the fourth step

Step 4:Publishing Posts

Publishing posts is the main and the important part to be done if you own a website or a blog.
Just post post's on your topic and never get off the topic since it reduces the quality of the website. Even tough you get a lot of views don't go off topic since Quality is much important than views now.
Don't copy and paste posts your blog or your website because it is pointless maintaining a blog..!!!
Google links pages to the original pages that are pages you copied from..And it is also legally offensive as it is stealing someone's property without asking them..
To increase views keep posting post's related to your topic frequently like 2-3 post's everyday till it gets popular.

Step 5: Increasing traffic

Traffic is the websites from which you are getting views.Traffic is equal to the views you get.
You can increase traffic by following my guidelines and they are listed below:
Submitting your website to search engine
Should contain a lot of post's
Adding meta tags(SEO trick)

You can get a lot of views by submitting your website to search engines.All the people will just click the links appeared on the search engine.

Containing a lot of pots will give you a greater probability of your websites on the search engines like Google,Bing,AOL,Msn...etc..,

Adding meta tags is one of the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) trick.It is just adding a Description and keywords to your websites or a blog.This will increase the probability of your blog or website in search engines.

Step 6: Making your website interactive

Adding comments
Comments will let you know weather your post was useful of not and it also tells you what mistakes you have done...

Guest Posts
This is giving the privilege to the visitors to post post's as a guest in your blog.Even this is a way to increase traffic...

Respond to comments
Be kind.
Respond to all  comments commented on your website which will make them visit your website again...

Step 7:Additional ways of increasing traffic

Post your website on other website through comments
Post them on social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Stumble upon..etc,.you can also upload videos on youtube and add your website or blog in the description...
This is an awesome trick, whenever you post your URL don't give the heading or the description on the blog or website you own since people visit your website with curiosity rather than interest...

This is an another method to increase your traffic. The sad thing is that you should pay for this.When i say advertise it can anything like Newspaper ads,Website ad's,TV ads and much more....I think Website ads are the best because people often click on ads that appear on websites rather than typing them out....

Backlinks are the links which leads to your website when clicked.It gives you a lot of traffic.
Never join in programs like "10000 views for 9.99$" since it reduces your page rank as a result your quality of your website will get down.
Post nice and understandable posts where people are intreset in. By this you can increase backlinks for your website.

Q and A websites
These are the websites which will let you answer questions.You can gain a lot of traffic from this too...Just answer questions and add your website below....
Some of the examples are Yahoo answers,Ask,About....etc,.

Writing articles
This is also an easy trick to gain a lot of traffic. Just write articles on your website and publish them the websites which take them like ....etc,

How to write a article?
First give an introduction or description on your blog
Write what is in it and what is not
Mention all the advantages of your blog or website
Why do you like it the most
Compare your's with other websites

Pain Banners
This is an easy one but it will cost you. Just ask them add your banner on their website..Pay them for every click you get from their website..
Just imagine a guy who owns a popular website puts your banner on their website....How much Money you would get?

Step 8:Earn Money using your blog

You can also earn money using your blog.There are services which place ads on your website or blog and gives you money for every click they get from your website.
Some of those services are Google adsense,Clicksor,Infolinks,Kontera,Chitika....etc,

If you followed my steps correctly and your website will soon be popular and fly with thousands of views.Don't expect views, be a critic to your own site and take it as a hobby.Soon your's will be popular and fly like a flight....!!!

Please feel free to comment....!!!


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