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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The best Twitter tricks you haven't heard off

Twitter recently achieved a nee milestone: 500 million users, making it the second largest social networking website.No wonder a host of third party websites have sprouted all over the Internet - all promising just one thing: to make the tweeting experience a whole lot better. Here are some of our favourites....:

Follow a conversation
Of you want to follow a conversation between two Twitter users-whether it's two of your friends or a couple of celebrities - then head to contweets. After signing in, just type the twitter handles of users of choose from the list of people you follow.

Chat in a hashtag
If you are following a certain hashtag, Tweetchat can make tour life easier. Sign in and type te hashtag in the given box to get a chatroom-like environment that lists all the tweets coming in. And every tweet you type in the dialogue box is automatically appended with hashtag too.

Find photos
From candid celebrity moments to delish food pictures, Twitter is used by many people to share photos they have just clicked.And if you want to specifically search for images in the microblogging service, it doesn't get better than Thudit.

Shorten a message
Having a hard time trying to compress your long sentences into 140-characters twitter limit? 140it will shorten your musings using tricks like '2' instead of 'to' and 'sntnc' instead of sentence to make anything you type fit into character count. It may be bit grammatically annoying, but hey, at least your message is going out.

Schedule a tweet
When you need to schedule a tweet to be sent later, just go to Twuffer, sign in with your ID, type your tweet and specify the date and time you want it to go out. But yes, make sure you set the right time zone before you start.

Poll your followers
Need to make a decision? Rather than just ask your followers, let than vote. Pollowers let's you write a question, provide options and set a duration. The tweet will ask your followers to reply with the option they like, narrowing down your choices.

Fav users in your inbox
If you are following a lot of users, you might overlook tweets by one or two of your favourites. Digestly solves those problem by sending a digest of any users tweets to your email inbox on a daily,weekly or monthly basis. A nifty service to make sure a good tweet isn't missed out in all the clutter.

Share a file
Need to share a file via Twitter, be it a PDF,Doc,MP3,Zip or another format? Just go to twitfile, sign in with your twitter account, browse to where you have stored the file(up to 200 MB) on your hard disk, an your are done. You can choose to have the tweet sent out right then with the link to the file or simply upload it for now,and send the message later.

Sketch it
Sometimes words aren't enough to convey what you want to say, and you might need to draw out something. Penolo provides basic drawing tools and a canvas for you to use; when you are done just annotate it with a tweet and send it out. It's as simple as that.

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