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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Iphone 5 Rumor Specifications

We all know about Apple's Iphone.....We also know how people make rumors on this iphone 5...!!
Iphone 5 is still in production and Apple has not yet it’s launched.  So iphone 5 features rumors are still doing the rounds and everyday you will see new features added to the iPhone.  But not many bloggers/websites have listed all the rumored iphone 5 features in one place.
This article will tell you all about the rumor on Iphone 5's specifications..!!!
Have a look at the picture given below:
Iphone 5 Rumors Roundup

This is a complete round up of Iphone 5 rumors..!!
If you know more rumors on Iphone 5 please feel free to comment on this post....!!!


Nice iphone 5 reviews, when iphone 5 come to Indian market...

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