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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to Create Animated Cover Photos For Google+ Source

Recently, Google has revamped Google+ Profile page which resembles with Facebook profile page and new Google+ profile page has received thumbs up from most users and critics. Many developer communities have found various tricks and methods to make Google+ Profile more attractive. Unlike Facebook, Google+ users can create animated cover photos and banners for their profile.
There are two methods for creating animated cover photos for Google+. If you are expert or have good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop then it will be the best option for you. Otherwise, you can use online tools to create animated cover photos. As Adobe Photoshop is hard to use for a normal user so I’ll explain you easiest method (With Online Tool).
Picasion is a free online tool which creates animated GIFs in fraction of seconds. User may upload images from their computers, URLs or even may use webcam to capture a photo. You can create funny animations and use them on various other Social Networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 etc. There is no need to install any additional flash player to run it.

The Google+ Cover photo has the following dimensions

  • Profile Picture: 250*250 Pixels
  • Cover Photo: 940*180 Pixels
  • Thumbnail Photos: 110*110 Pixels
gplus coverphotosize
gplus multiphoto
Google+ either displays the Cover Photo or 5 Scrapbook images. To create Animation cover photos for Google+ using Picasion resize all your photos to 150*150 px otherwise it won’t work. Select minimum 10 photos to make it more attractive.
Here is the step-by-step guide to create animated cover photos for Google+

How to Create Animated Cover Photos For Google+

  • Go to Picasion The Online GIFs Maker from Here.
  • Now browse all your photos (150*150 px size each) one by one and click on Create Animation button. You can also change its default settings or for better performance but its better to keep them as default.
1 2
  • In next window click on the Save this Animation button to download it in your computer.
2 2
  • Now go to Google+ Profile page and click Edit Profile button.
  • Now click on Change Cover Photo and then on Grey colored box Add Photo.
  • A window will pop-up and browse the downloaded .gif file in it.
  • Add 5 .gif files and click on OK button.
  • Now click on Finished Editing and Refresh your page.
That’s it! Now you will experience animated photos on your Google+ Profile.To create more and better animated cover photos use Adobe photoshop.


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