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Monday, 23 April 2012

How to create strong and secure passwords

At present we need a password or PIN for every almost every online activity and strong password is very important, as every users wants to protect their personal files, information & other data and avoid hackers from getting into their accounts.
However, not everyone can come up with a nice strong password, which is why we have compiled a list of two online tools that help users to create strong and unpredictable passwords
1. Make Password (
"Make Password" is a Web application that help users to generate strong password, for Social networks, email ID etc

The PIN or Codes generated by "Make Passwords" is generated on Random basis and are not stored anywhere.
You can select the “Password Strength” option, which displays the strength of the password generated, in a range of 0 – 100 (with above 75 are Strong).
Once the user can picked out all the options, just click “Make Password(s)” and the passwords will be displayed in "Plain text" "Web page" or in "CSV" file.

2. Password Bird (
"PassWord Bird" is an Best and Recommended Webapp for Creating secure password related with your name, your Special thing, Special Date etc :)

Just as you provide special words, names, dates etc it will instantly create an Secure Combination for you. You can select "make new one: to generate new unique password on random basis.One thing to note is that the website don't use any special symbols (! @ # $ % & * ), But it uses upper and lower case and Numbers in generating 'Secure Password'So now onwards if you want to change your password, or want to keep your data secure. Use these Webapps to create some of the most 'Secure Combinations' :)) Cheers ~~There are plenty of service like Free Password Generator. You can even use them but recommended is to use from given above.


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