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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Block someone's sim card

Hey guys If you want to block someone’s (enemies) sim card in 1 min then read the following post.
I am publishing a new trick which will guide you how to use the trick.
Blocking a sim card is too simple.What you have to do is just enter the below code in the desired phone.
Enter The Following Code In Your Friends Mobile:**04*3814*7529*68243#Entering of above code will ask you to enter the PUK code
.To solve this issue just call customer care and get your PUK code.If you are not able to block the sim by above method you can try the following method as well :
Go to settings > sim lock/security settings > pin code ::< < enter 3 wrong pin codes >>(like 1234,1336,1223 etc.. etc.. more than 5 times)and restart the phone. It will show Sim card registration failed and you are done.Note:Entering of invalid PUK will cause permanent blocking of your SIM.Waiting for Your Reply and Promises.

For educational purpose only


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