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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Remove items from Right-click menu

Most annoying thing about windows, after the installation of too many applications the context menu becomes too large. Some applications shortcuts are useful but most of them are useless .You should put only those items in right click menu which you use frequently.However there is no direct method to remove an item from the right click menu and you have make changes in the registry.
Registry contains all the information about components and applications running on Windows operating system. So, small change in registry settings may cause big irreversible damage. It is recommended to create a backup of all the registry files before doing any changes in it.

Trick to Remove Items From Right-Click Menu

  • Open Run from the start menu and search for regedit in it.
  • Now in Registry Settings window, Navigate to
  • Now from the list, Right Click on the item which you want to remove from your Context menu.
  • Select delete from the menu.
  • Refresh your Desktop and Right Click on any icon and you will be glad to see that unwanted item is removed from context menu.
Along with removing items from the Context Menu you also add System files in it.


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