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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Download YouTube videos with no Softwares or Add-on's

youtubeYou Tube which is a largest video sharing site now in internet, In youtube we can find tones of videos of our niche, but youtube will not allow you to download videos from their site. Often people will try to install some sort of software's like youtube downloader's in their machines or they will use some add-on's or extensions to their browsers, Doing so may be a good choice but it may not be helpful when your in public places(where you do not have administrative privileges) like office or internet cafe's.
The site given here will help you in downloading youtube videos with no need to install software's or add-on's or extensions .
Keepvid: Keepvid, which is most popular site which allows users to download videos from youtube and from other video sites. The user interference of keepvid is pretty simple and straight forward.
To download videos from youtube through keepvid just follow the steps.
Step #1: Find your favorite video in youtube and copy the url of the video(usually found in address bar while streaming the video or in embed options)
Step #2: Go to and paste the url that you just copied where it says URL and click download.
Step #3: Now you will get a message asking to run a java applet(Java must be installed and enabled in you pc) in your machine, just click run.
Step #4: In a few seconds you will be given with few links which enable you to download videos in low, medium and high quality's. Just click any of the link and download your favorite video.
There are many other similar sites which will help you to download youtube videos, So if you know any of them just share them here and help people to download and enjoy youtube videos.


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