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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hide Folders using Command prompt..

command prompt
This is a small trick which can be done by changing the attributes of folders..
First open Command prompt(start>run>type "cmd")

Now type the command given below hide or unhide the folders..

The command to hide the files is

Attrib +s +h drive:\folder name

To retrive your file use this command

Attrib –s –h drive:\folder name

For example:Lets assume that there is a folder called 'X' in drive 'D'

I will hide it by use the command

Attrib +s +h D:\x (press enter)

That's it you done it.If you want it back

Use this command

Attrib –s –h D:\x (press enter)

What happens when you change the attrib as shown above , The folder becomes PROTECTED SYSTEM FILE
Thats pretty small hah..


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