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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

So what if you don’t have Microsoft Excel? There are many alternative applications to Excel. Here is a list of those alternate programs to Excel.

Google Spreadsheets: Google spreadsheets is part of Google Docs. You can create spreadsheets or even open an excel file from here. If you already have a gmail account, you maybe already using it. Just click on to reach google spreadsheets
Zoho Sheets: It is also similar to google spreadsheets and is available at You can even edit and share the same file with your friends or colleagues just as google docs enables you.
EditGrid: This is an online spreadsheet service. This has all the features of Excel. Available at
NumSum: Available at this application also enables online creation, sharing of spreadsheets.
Simple Spreadsheet: You can get it from .
Wikicalc: Get this application from
Zcubes Calci: This is also another spreadsheet application available online.
As you can see all the above applications are available online in internet and there is no need to install any application on your computer. If on the other hand if you would prefer to install as an application on your desktop and use it, without internet connection, then you can use the following applications which are available as desktop applications.

Open Office Calc: This is part of the Open Office suite of applications.
IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets: Available at
Abykus: Available at
Gnumeric: This is part of the Gnome desktop
Spread32: Available at


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