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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Create Safe password

Password is a very important issue when comes to your privacy, security or other terms because it gives the access to your computers, email & bank accounts etc.., So there is no doubt that you should keep your password more stronger and secure, But in real how strong and secure is your password? So in this post HPH tries to give some suggestions and ideas to make your password more stronger and tells you how to keep it safe.
In general many people use same passwords for all of their online accounts, They don't realize how danger it is because assume that you have an online account with some and you used the same password which was used to protect your email/bank logins, On some fine day got hacked and hackers had all the passwords and usernames of that means they got your password, username and email(which you give while registration) which also means that your other common accounts(like email accounts) are exposed too.
Not only that but many people use passwords like their/other family members birthdays, anniversary days, phone numbers, their/other family members last/first/middle names etc.., Do you know that some people still use their password as "password" or "123456" to all their online accounts. If you do the same then you are undoubtedly in a great danger. To make your password more stronger follow these steps.

Steps to follow to keep your password more secure:

  • Never use your/other family members birthdays or anniversary days as your password because they are easy to guess or to brute fore attacks.
  • Never use easy to guess passwords like "password", "123456", "iloveyou" etc..,
  • Make sure that the password you use is no in the dictionary.
  • Make sure your password contains Upper & Lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Make sure your password length is more than 8 characters(12 is recommended)
  • Finally make sure that the password you created is easy to remember for you and hard to guess for others.
These basic steps makes your passwords more secure but to make your password even more secure you should follow the suggestions below.

Suggestions on making some great passwords:

As its said before, the password you create should be easy for you to remember, So how do you create it??? You can create a good password by using the thing around with your creativity and try to think outside the box.
  • Randomly replace letters with identical numbers and special characters.
  • To create a good password pick a sentence from your favourite story or song or see the nature to get even more ideas. EX: If you take nature as inspiration, you crate a password like this "why can't i lift lion with my hands" and i will transform it to "wcillwmh"(first letters from the sentence) then i will again transform it by using capital letters, numbers and special characters like this "[W(1lLwmh]". Thus it a good password with 10 characters in it.
  • From the above example you can see how you can create a good long and secure password using number, upper & lower case and special characters. Not only that it is also easy to remember and hard to guess password.
  • If you want some more help in creating a good passwords you can take the help of these password generating tools which also tells you how to remember the generated passwords.Perfect Passwords,PCTools and Good Password.

How to check your password strength:

There are so many online tools to check your password strength, but you can't trust every one because some hackers are collecting passwords like these and using them in dictionary attacks. So where to check you pass strength, HPH gives you two trusted sites to check your password strength.

Microsoft Safety And Security Center

Strength Test

The best one is the Zhacks password generator.You can go there by clicking the picture which says Safe Password Generator......(Right side under Pro)

Secure Storage for your passwords:

Yep!!! I know that most of you people cannot remember all the passwords because you have too many online accounts and may be for other reasons, If this is the case you can useKeePass which is open source application to stores all your passwords in a encrypted file.

The best password generator :
Click here
Done by Zhacks


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