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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Angry Birds Space For PC. It’s FREE

The Angry Birds Space leaderboard is online and ready for your scores. Walkthrough pages are also up, so feel free to provide your strategies and help us track down those minimum 3 star scores.

30 brain-teaser, extremely difficult levels in an episode called Danger Zone. Our video walkthroughs are available, but we warn you that they are very challenging. On iOS, Danger Zone is an in-app purchase, though level one is already unlocked, so you can try one level before you chose to buy the episode for $0.99. On PC, Danger Zone unlocks if you pass all 30 levels Pig Bang. It is available for free on Samsung Android devices. As for other devices, only time will tell.

A Golden Eggsteroids episode, which are the Angry Birds Space equivalent to Golden Eggs. This episode is locked by default. It unlocks once you’ve found your first Golden Eggsteroid. When found, Golden Eggsteroids unlock bonus levels, some levels pay homage to a few classic 1980′s video games. This is reportedly Rovio’s not-so-subtle nod to its video game predecessors.

So it’s become easy and joyful where Angry Bird Space also available for PC.


Install Angry Bird Space.exe
Make sure AngryBirdsSpace is not running and closed
Copy AngryBirdsSpace.exe from Crack folder into installation folder e.g: C:\Program Files\Rovio\Angry Birds Space, copy and replace
Open the game
Use the following key to activate the game after applying the patch.
Enjoy the game. Hit the green :)
Download : Angry Bird Space for PC


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