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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Build your own Run command on your PC

This post will help you in creating your own customized Run command that you can use to initiate a variety of programs. The Run is a special in built utility that allows you to interact with the system through the command line. There are several in built commands to initiate a variety of programs like calc for Calculator, cmd for Command Prompt. So let’s start out and create our own command.
We will take an example in which we would create a run command to launch Google Chrome web browser. When you type in gc in the run command the New Google Chrome window should open.
a. Create a shortcut of “Chrome” on the desktop and rename it as “gc”.
b. Then copy this shortcut into your Windows directory

c. That’s it! Simply run the Run utility and type in gc and hit enter to see the customized run command results


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