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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Safety and Facebook: Guidelines Everyone Follow on FB(facebook)

Facebook is powerful tool, which can be used for both good and evil. We’ve all heard horror stories. Relationships ruined over tagged photos or those just plain old unflattering tags, status update overshares and let’s never forget the friendly status update hijacking.

Seriously, many of us enjoy Facebook’s capabilities without thinking too much of its consequences. In reality, many users are placing huge portions of their lives on Facebook.

It may not be you, but just in case, I suggest going into Account>Privacy Settings, and taking a good look at what information is available to who.


The first section is Connecting on Facebook. This is all about who has access to you via searches and messaging.


The next part is the most important. Sharing on Facebook.


It should come with the disclaimer: Share Carefully!

Use the ‘Customize Settings’ link at the bottom of this section and make sure the settings you have suit you.


Finally, see what information you are allowing games and application to access. You may think since none of your information is public, these apps cannot get to it, but some of them access it anyway.

In your Privacy Settings, (like seen above: Account>Privacy Settings). Go to Apps and Websites at the bottom of the page. Select Edit your settings.

Next to the apps you use is Edit Settings.

Once there click ‘Edit Settings’ for each app you use.


You’d be surprised that some of them are allowed to access all your information and you can’t change it. I would suggest removing those apps.


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