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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Use google without Internet connection

Everyone Googles, Who doesn’t? Google has became a extension of who we are. All you need to google is internet, what if i told you it’s not necessary. Yep, there is way to access internet giant without any internet connection. How? You can access google by sending SMS directly to Google’s server. You don’t even need to have a GPRS connection. Its actually a way to pass time ff you have free SMS left.

> Google SMS numbers are -> 9773300000 for India
-> 466453 for US

You can get News, Movie show times , Locations, Dictionary, Horoscope, Weather, Train timings, Flight schedules, Live scores, Local Business search, Stocks, Currency converter and lot more.

You need to send SMS in a format like shortcode queary to google number. For example if you need to get definition of word Trick. You need to send define trick. Here are some formats for a quick start.

news recession
define eat
cri Aus Ind
pnr number xxxxxxxxx
reliance stock
train avail xxxx goa to ooty on 31-03
5000 inr in usd
pizza mumbai east
movies Delhi
weather goa
1 kilo in pound


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