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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Snow on google home page

If you search for “let it snow” on Google, you will witness the new holiday easter egg. HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript make some beautiful animation to the page with snowflakes and frost covering up the screen.

Interestingly, you can write on the screen covered with fog with your mouse once it is all frozen. It gives an actual feeling of playing on real windows like on those good old days. The search button turns into a defrost button, which clears all animation. I wish it was replay button. The share button at the top lets you instantly share this easter egg with friends on Google Plus.
Google is also celebrating Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights. Search for Hanukkah to se series of light below the Google bar. Well played Google.
This is another of those search tricks like “do a barrel roll” where Google changes its behaviour based of search queries. Last year, Google added seconds to New Year countdown with the ‘I am feeling lucky button’, this year with advancement of technology, we can expect some good animation for the New Year.


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