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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Google Magic Trick to Surprise Your Friends

This is a simple Magic Trick with Google that can be easily performed to surprise you friends and win laurels. No prior experience or preparation required to carry out this magic trick.

The trick is to disappear the two O’s from the Google logo. For this, first navigate to this page( ), by Dark Arts Media. Do not tell your friends that you are going to perform a magic else they would be extra careful and will notice the URL address.
Be casual, open this page( ), and then do some gestures by one hand covering the Google logo, uttering aabra-ka-dabra and click anywhere on page by another hand. Remove your hand from the logo and your friend will be surprised to see that the two middle O’s of Google are missing. Repeat the same steps to bring back the missing alphabets and enjoy this funny effect with your friend.
The catch is at the special page, which animates by itself when you click on it. For the first time when you click, the alphabets will disappear. When you click again, the alphabets will reappear after 5 seconds. Moreover, if you click third time, you would be forwarded to original Google home page.


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