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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Video Chat on Facebook

TRICK---- Video Chat on Facebook
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced Video Calling feature on Facebook, powered by Skype. Facebook has also introduced Group Chat and have added some more features to Facebook Messages. The Video Calling feature will begin to roll to everyone from next week and is available in over 70 different languages. You can try video chatting with your friends now by going to

To start video calling now, visit this page on Facebook and click Get Started.
Here’s how to video chat/call on Facebook:

Once you have clicked on “Get Started”, you will be asked to download and install a app. After the installation, all your Facebook pages will be automatically refreshed. Login to your chat and you can request any of your online friends to have a video chat by clicking on the “Video Call” button shown below.

The app will begin the calling process. The video chat will start once your friend answers your call. If you get any error while connecting, then probably your friend has not installed the app. Ask your friend to install the Video Calling app and once they have, you can re-try and start chatting!

The quality of the video chat isn’t as good as Google+ Hangout. Nothing big, no special features. It’s yet another video chat feature.
Here’s the official video released by Facebook

"TRICK---- Video Chat on Facebook"


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