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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Type Zesh Rush on google

"Zerg Rush" is a new kind of Google Doodle you have to check out.Are you bored of the old google doodles the this one will certainly amaze you.As soon as you type this search in google it will kill all your search results with Easter Eggs.

Check out the effect here-Zerg Rush


What is Zerg Rush?

Google's new easter egg takes its cue from the famous game StarCraft, in which a Zergplayer uses the Zergling rush.Your only weapon is stopping the eggs from killing your results is your mouse pointer(or your finger if you are using touch screen).Clicking or tapping O's will vanish them one by one.But you will tend to loose the battle as these O's are in very large number.They finally form two G's(Stand for Good Game).
After the game is finished you can even share this score with your friends.


Check out the effect here-Zerg Rush

Watch the video Tutorial on How The Effect Works 'Zerg Rush':


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