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Saturday, 9 June 2012

A browser with triple engine (Really awesome)

You spend many hours of your day doing something on the Internet, but may not have thought about what a browser can do and which browser is right for you. That's ok, you are not the only one. In fact, many people use a browser that came pre-installed with the computer, just because it's there or thinking it's all the same.
In reality, however, each browser is different in its own way. At Lunascape, its take a different approach. Rather than competing with each one of them, its combine the best of all browsers.

Lunascape is the world's only triple engine browser. What this means is that you can have the best features, performance, and speed of, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all in one browser and can view any website in an optimal way without a need to open another browser.

Yeah, that's right. Lunascape = IE (Trident)+Firefox (Gecko)+Chrome・Safari (Webkit)
On top of that, this technology achieves one of the fastest browsing speed and provides you with full of features andcustomizable options. It is light, snappy, and fun.
Lunascape has been downloaded over 15 million times in their home base Japan, and there are rapidly growing users all over the world since the launch ofmultilingual versions.

What's in version 6
Triple Engine goes Triple Add-on

Lunascape is now compatible with the expanding array of Firefox add-ons in addition to the already supported Internet Explorer add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins, achieving the greatest degree of extensibility and flexibility among Web browsers. Transferring your add-ons from Firefox is very easy. 

Simply Refined Interface

A new interface mode, ORION, is added to version 6 as a default. This sleek minimalist interface has all the basic functions and will get you going in no time. You can still customize many aspects of interface to your liking.

Extensible AND Fast 
Lunascape6 achieves the utmost extensibility without compromising one of the fastest speeds in the market. You can browse lightning fast while enjoying ample add-ons. We've also made special effort in ensuring fast launch even with many add-ons.

Triple Engine Side-by-Side Display 

Our unique Triple Engine keeps evolving. To better support web designers and developers, we have implemented "split tab display". You can view a web page in 3 rendering engines side-by-side to easily check the browser compatibility. 

Download and choice your language ofLunascape6
No more oh-so-slow moment. No more messed-up page display. No more juggling multiple browsers. Your internet experience is a lot better with Lunascape. Experience it yourself, the whole new speed and versatility.


Lunascape 6
I have heard about it but didn't understand anything
From this post I understood what it is....!!!!

The Download is dam fast
Thank you

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