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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Keep your Mobile secure

" Keep your mobile device safe from viruses, malware and hackers. Backup your mobile data securely. With mobile antivirus, surf the mobile web and download cool new apps without worrying about downloading viruses."available for Android, Blackberry andWindows Mobile phones. 

The mobile device has become the most personal computer. Over one billion mobile devices will ship this year alone, five times as many as PCs. Mobile devices contain personal information, access sensitive networks, and are now utilized for financial transactions. Mobile applications and full featured web browsing are commonplace, driving more advanced mobile technology, and now more advanced threats. Lookout keeps your device and data safe and secure from the threats facing mobile devices in a constantly evolving mobile world.

Lookout combines enterprise grade security with end user simplicity, protecting your device and data from a variety of threats facing mobile devices including: loss, theft, viruses, malware, and hackers.

Lookout is designed to be cross platform—the core architecture enables the software to run seamlessly on major mobile operating systems and is unified by a centralized server application which enables over the air management and control with the click of a mouse. Whether you are a mobile professional with multiple phones, a family of five, a small business, or enterprise with thousands of heterogeneous devices, Lookout enables you to secure and manage your mobile devices with ease. 

Lookout is available for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobilephones. Go to download link here and Enter your mobile number to check compatibility and get started. You will get a SMS message with a download link.


That's a nice name
It looks soo protective

I think it will be fine downloading to my Android phone

I vote for security
Thank you

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