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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Highway Drive apk: Android latest games downloads!

Get ready for the most exciting newest racing game.New:Watch for cow on the Road. Get ready for the most exciting racing game - Highway Drive! We all would love the adrenalin rush of driving our dream car on a highway with no speed limits, overtaking other drivers and satisfying the need to speed! Highway Drive is a safe and fun way to satisfy the speedster in you. In addition to overtaking other cars, there are new challenges added to your driving experience on a regular basis.
    The latest challenge - Dairy Baba’s farm has lost its cows, which have incidentally taken to the roads. You have to dodge these lost and upset creatures and also drive them off the road to help Dairy Baba get his cows back. BEWARE! Do not crash into the cows or angry Dairy Baba will take away one of your lives for one of theirs!
Highway Drive android games apk

Highway Drive 1.0 apk
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Tips to win high score: # Avoid hitting the cow # Tilt more to move left or right Recent Update - Now look for animals on the road - Top score - Tilt control adds extra sensitivity - Fixed bugs related to crashes Highway drive has two tasks laid out for you. One is to collect coins on the road and other is to overtake slow moving cars without dashing them. We strongly suggest you to leverage your phone's tilt controls to avoid crashes while racing against the opponents. Crashing a car from behind causes it to explode and also costs you a precious health point. Avoid crashes and keep cruising! Collect as many coins as you want and become a Highway Drive Star. Share the results on facebook and compete with friends. Highway Drive offers Tilt racing feature - where you tilt the phone to make appropriate left and right turns. Game Features: - Astonishing physics brings chaos to another level - Real physics on the car dash - Smooth tilt effect - Visually stunning and built for speed like no other racing game


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