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Monday, 18 June 2012

Max Payne for qvga

The best of the best game is here. After a long journey from ps, pc and to xbox. Control your heart beat because here comes the ' Max Payne '. Max payne its an award winning game and now it landed on android to eat gingerbread and ice cream sandwich and may be jelly beans. After a great effort ' Rockstar ' just made this game for android phones and tablet. I don't need to say anything about this game as my blog readers are amazing and they know about all the games.... :-) . You can also see screenshots. I just have to say ' Rockstar ' just rocks. The graphics and gameplay are same as on pc, ps and xbox, so it will give you great experience on your smartphone too.
Features :
- do you remember the slow motion gunplay when play on your other gaming devices... Yup the signature of Max Payne. Rockstar also included that in the game.
- Graphics are mind boggling, I mean blowing.
- you can also customize all your controls from the option.
-while putting bullets in enemies head you can multiaim to kill them fast.
- you can also connect the GameStop Wireless Game Controller and USB gamepads.
- integrated with rockstar social hub.
Apk link ( torrent ) :
If you are downloading it on your android then you should first download t torrent
Our you can download it from google play store....
And download data from the game....
Have fun....

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