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Friday, 29 June 2012

Gadgets for Gmail inbox

First i will teach you how to add a gadget in a GMail inbox..
Step 1:Login to your Gmail account
Step 2:Click on the gear box...

Step 3:Click on settings
Step 4:Click on Labs
Step 5:Search for a box saying Add a gadget by it's URL.Click on Enable there and click on save changes
Step 6: Click on gadgets and paste the URL in a box saying add a gadget by it's URL
Choose a Option and click on it.After clicking the URL paste the URL in the box saying Add a gadget by its URL
Unshorten URL's in gmail inbox

Use Google earth on Gmail

Create quick notes on Gmail

Add a worldwide clock in Gmail

Use calculator in Gmail

Use Wikipedia in Gmail

Use twitter in Gmail 

Use Facebook in gmail

There are still 100's of gadgets in the google gadget website
The link is given below:
 iGoogle gadgets

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