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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Control you PC using a Mobile

Yeah you have heard it right.Are you thinking how is it possible. I will show you how. In this post I will show you a step by step process which will let you control your PC from your mobile (iOS,Android).

A software named TeamViewer will let you control your PC/LAptop using a iOS device or and Android.

Step 1:Download it from the link below:
Windows icon
Linux icon   Mac icon  iPhone / iPad / Android icon 
Step 2:SIgn up from the link below:

Step 3:Login with your password and your Email ID in the software and also do the same thing to your iOS device or your Android 

Step 4:Click on Connect with Partner

Thats it ....!!!Now you can control your PC using a mobile

If you are software other than Teamviewer - LOGMIEN 


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