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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Create a modern art with your mouse movements

IOGraph [] is a little software application that turns the continuous tracking of computer mouse movements into a modern art.

Formerly known as MousePath it was made by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov to brighten up the routine work. Posting it at Flickr caused informal interest and afterward Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilovdecided to evolve the app.

The idea is that you just run it and do your usual day stuff at the computer. Go back to IOGraph after a while and grab a nice picture of what you've done!
The basic concept is that people just "run" the application in the background, and then accomplish their usual activities at the computer. After a long day of hard work, a beautiful image is then created by cumulating all mouse movements and representing them as continuous paths. For people who work in a single application for a considerably long time, IOGraph could even provide potentially interesting usability data when overlayed on a screenshot of the actual window configuration.
Download IOGraph here


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