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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Logon your user with your face

Logging into Windows has never been easier! Just look into a webcam for a moment, and you'll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. 

Reliable Login under Varying Conditions 
With Blink!, you can login day or night. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms adjust for varying lighting conditions automatically, making login possible without additional training no matter whether window or artificial lighting is being used. 

Changed Haircut? Swapped Glasses for Contacts? No Problem! 
Advanced biometric identification algorithms used in Blink! help it cope with changes of your personal appearance. Grow or shave off beard and mustaches, use makeup or dye you hair, wear or remove glasses or contact lenses - Blink! will let you in to your PC no matter what. 

Improved Security 
No one remembers those long, complex passwords demanded by your corporate security policy? They don't have to! With Blink!, users sign into their accounts by simply looking at a webcam. There are no false positives and no delays in letting authorized users into their accounts. 

Catch Identity Thieves 
Blink! provides additional security benefits by making it simpler to computer users to automatically unlock their PCs by simply looking into a webcam. Stolen passwords are becoming less of an issue as Blink! photographs and timestamps users every time they log in, no matter whether they use a password or biometric sign-in. Journaling account logins helps identify hijacked accounts and find out about who logged in using stolen credentials. 
Download Luxand Blink! for Windows 
Try it now, and you won't want to type your passwords ever again!


It seems good...:)

I have a doubt : Does this only work on Windows 7?

It works on XP,Mac,Linux....etc
I guess....!!!!

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